Nozares pārstāvošie ražotāji

Ja jūs meklējat produkciju konkrētai industriālajai nozarei, piedāvājam zīmolu pārskatu pēc piederības nozarēm, kurām ražotāji ir paredzējuši savu produkciju.

Nospiediet nozares nosaukumu, lai veiktu produktu līniju atlasi. Nospiediet zīmola attēlu, lai apskatītu visu izvēlētā ražotāja produkcijas piedāvājumu.

Sector that provides act of constructing, erecting, or establishing.

Industry that specializes in the conceptualization, the making of and delivery of foods.

Industrial Heating is the largest and most preferred thermal process journal covering heat treat, brazing, sintering, melting, induction, atmosphere, vacuum.

Industrycovers the mechanisms and processes used to treat waters that have been contaminated in some way.

Industry includes researches and develops of manufacturing products for medicine and house holding.

The machinery and equipment manufacturing sector is almost entirely focused on supplying capital goods or their components to other sectors of the economy.

Main focus of sector is oil and gas use in heating systems, but important is also use in industrial machines and equipments.

Sector that is related to use of sea including water treatment, shipping and renewable energy.

Industry includes process of extracting coal, ores, etc., from the earth.