Orbital Motors

Company offers thousands of motor configurations for you to choose from, plus the application support to help you choose the right one. Danfoss Power Solutions orbital motors have set the market standard since the beginning. Known for their solid reliability, extreme durability and high efficiency under any condition, they deliver an optimum performance always.

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Mini Motors

Danfoss Power Solutions mini motors may be the smallest and lightest on the market, but they are real heavyweights when it comes to power. A great space-saver on your machine.



High power density is a major asset of Danfoss Power Solutions mini motors. Integration of the spool valve with the output shaft gives you an efficient performance in the smallest possible package.





Medium Size Motors

When the going gets tough, Danfoss Power Solutions medium-size motors get going - performing longer, better and more economically.



Danfoss Power Solutions medium size orbital motors are built for challenging conditions and demanding operations. The numerous configurations can fit your requirements precisely.





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