Contact Level Meters

Contact level meters allow for the continuous, contactless level measurement of liquids, pastes, granulates, powders and other solids in a wide variety of industries.

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Guided Radar (TDR) Level Meters

The guided radar (TDR) level meter has been developed from a tried and tested technology called Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). The device transmits low-intensity electromagnetic pulses of approximately one nanosecond width along a rigid or flexible conductor.



OPTIFLEX 1100 C is a 2-wire TDR level meter for measuring distance, level, volume and mass of liquids and solids.







This device is a guided radar (TDR) level meter for measuring distance, level, interface, leveland interface, volume and mass.





OPTIFLEX 4300 C Marine


The OPTIFLEX 4300 C marine offers accurate and reliable level gauging in various applications not fully covered by standard cargo level radars.





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