Products from Grundfos

With over 16 000 employees and annual production of more than 16 million pump units a year, Grundfos is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers.

No matter for which purpose an efficient and energy saving pump solution is required, Grundfos offers a high-quality solution.

Company offers high quality:

  • Water pump solutions - Grundfos water distribution pumps. Water flow for private and industry
  • High Pressure Systems - High Pressure Systems. Valves, pumps and components
  • Mine dewatering pumpsets - High flow and high head pumps
  • Flotronic diaphragm pumps - Easiest maintenance. Made for food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry

Circulating Liquids In Heating Systems

Circulator pumps for circulation of hot water in central and district heating systems and circulation in domestic hot water service systems. Circulating pumps are also used for circulation of cold water and other liquids in cooling and air conditioning systems.


Self-Priming Pumps

These are self-priming multistage centrifugal pumps, that are suitable for a wide variety of water supply. Company offers versions MQ, JP and JP Booster. Pumps are compact, reliable, easy-to-install and with many standard features.


Submersible Pumps

Thanks to wide performance range of submersible pumps, it is easy to find a model that will suit your individual requirements. Grundfos submersible pumps are renowned for their high efficiency and reliability throughout the range.


Compact Condensate Removal Pumps

Pumps are suitable for pumping of wastewater off places in private dwellings where the wastewater cannot be led directly to the main sewer by means of natural downward slope.


Drainage Pumps

Submersible drainage pumps are designed for pumping drain water and grey wastewater. These pumps are suitable for permanent as well as temporary installation.


Vertical In-Line Volute Pumps

Grundfos vertical in-line volute pumps are used in a variety of applications. The pumps are all single-stage, in-line centrifugal volute pumps with standard motors and mechanical shaft seals.


End-Suction Pumps

Pumps are used in water supply, industrial pressure boosting, industrial liquid transfer, HVAC and irrigation. Grundfos end-suction pumps are multi-purpose pumps suitable for a variety of different applications requiring reliable and cost-efficient supply.


Multistage In-Line Pumps

A wide range of multistage pumps for the transfer of water, cooling lubricants, and other liquids in industrial and process systems.


Horizontal Multistage Pumps

Grundfoss presents pump CM and CME, that are primarily used as a built-in pump in OEM solutions and domestic boosters. It is compact, noiseless, reliable and flexible, and this make it an optimal solution for installation and interaction with other components in a large system.


Control Cabinet

Control cabinet permits monitoring and control of up to six identical pumps. Typical application are for pressure boosting, heating, cooling and air-conditioning.


Accessories for Pumps

Grundfos presents several accessories for more effectively work. Accessories conducts of sensors the Communication Interface Module and Unit.


Pressure Booster System

The Grundfos Hydro MPC-E and Hydro Multi-E booster systems are made to the very highest standards. They can handle even the most difficult boosting jobs with ease and accuracy.


Compact Lifting Stations

A Lifting station collects wastewater from below sewer level in a building and removes it to the sewer system. It also prevents backflow/backwater in the event of high water level in the sewer.