Metal Detectors

Eriez manufactures the broadest range of metal detectors in the industry. Whether looking for small ferrous or nonferrous metal pieces, tramp metal or digger teeth, Eriez Magnetics can provide you with a metal detector to solve practically every metal contamination problem.

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Range of Metal Detectors and Separators

The E-Z Tec 9000 range of metal detectors and separators incorporate high sensitivity, balanced coil technology.

E-Z Tec 9000


They are designed for detecting and removing ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants, ensuring product purity and machinery protection.





Metal Detectors

Eriez offers a variety of metal detectors, each designed for easy installation on existing conveyor systems.

MA 3000


3000 range of metal detectors are used around the world protecting a wide range of machinery from damage by metal.





MA 3600


Two models for different sensitivity requirements: Eagle for higher sensitivity requirements and Hawk for standard applications.





MA 6600


The 6600 metal detector for installation on inclined conveyors provides a solution to many metal detection problems.





MA 7000


The only detector of its kind that can fit into a machine process with moving metal in close proximity.





Hand Held Metal Detector


A straightforward, essential companion to an in-line metal detector.





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