Products from Diehl Metering

We have the right solution for every individual requirement of the municipal and private water industry. Almost all our water meters are equipped with interfaces for automatic meter reading (AMR) — and can also communicate to the Open Metering Standard. We provide our customers with the basis for a future-orientated infrastructure for automatic reading.

AQUARIUS single-jet meters

Single-jet meters of dry-running design with excellent starting flow rate and low pressure loss. Aquarius features excellent starting flow rate, low pressure los as well as shield against static magnetic fields.


HYDRUS ultrasonic water meters

Static ultrasonic water meters for accurate measuring and recording for all applications of water supply. HYDRUS will pay off thanks to its outstanding performance and economic viability. HYDRUS offers unbeatable cost-efficiency when it comes to long-term operating and service costs.


SHARKY thermal energy metering

These ultrasonic energy devices are static compact meters and a fully electronic measuring instruments based on the ultrasonic metering principle. The data read by the calculator are shown in the display.