Danfoss tooted

Danfoss' three key competencies are the heating of buildings, refrigeration techniques and energy consumption control in electrical engines. With this as its firm platform, the company is constantly searching for new areas where it can contribute to making the technology of modern life work even more efficiently.

Danfoss has a broad range of technological solutions that save energy and CO2 in buidings, industrial processes and food storage applications all over the world.

Danfoss Heating

The Danfoss heating solutions division supplies energy-saving and comfort optimizing solutions for commercial and residential buildings worldwide. The Division's portfolio ranges from heat pumps, thermostats, burner components, electrical heating systems, floor heating, and ventilation.

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Industrial Automation

Through Danfoss Industrial Automation, you gain access to the entire Danfoss pool of technology, with a special focus on monitoring or control of pressure and temperature, and fluid control. The Industrial Automation product range includes solenoid valves, sensors, transmitters and switches for pressure or temperature.

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High-Pressure Pumps

Danfoss High Pressure Pumps offer their unique water hydraulics product programme and other high pressure water solutions. The Danfoss High Pressure Pump product programme covers more than 40 patents. The Danfoss HPP range main focus is on many distinct solution areas with targeted products and expertise.

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