Decentral Products

Decentral drives are designed to withstand harsh environment and frequent wash downs having tight enclosures with smooth and durable surfaces. VLT Decentral drives can be mounted on or near motors.

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VLT OneGearDrive

A highly efficient permanent magnet three phase synchronous motor coupled to an optimised level gear box.

VLT OneGearDrive Hygienic and Standard


With only one motor type and three available gear ratios, the motor concept covers all typical versions of conveyor drives commonly used in the food and beverage industry.





VLT Decentral Drive

A complete frequency converter designed for decentral mounting. It can be mounted on the machine/wall close to the motor or directly on the motor.

FCD 302


Simplicity and robustness have been taken into consideration during the design of the VLT Decentral Drive FCD 302, resulting in a real user-friendly product, with high performance and the highest protection degree.





VLT DriveMotor

An integrated drive motor solution which combines a VLT frequency converter and a high standard quality motor in a single product.

FCM 300


The frequency converter is attached in place of the motor terminal box and it is no higher than the standard terminal box nor wider or longer than the motor.





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